Saturday, February 04, 2006


AP: Rumsfeld--Iran sponsors terrorism - Feb. 4

By DAVID RISING, Associated Press Writer -- 1 hour, 12 minutes ago

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld waves in Munich, Germany, on Saturday Feb. 4, 2006 as he leaves the 42nd  International Conference on Security Policy.  Rumsfeld at the conference on Saturday urged the world to work for a 'diplomatic solution' to halt the nuclear program of Iran, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed Russia and China put pressure on Tehran. (AP Photo/Christof Stache)MUNICH, Germany - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, left, urged America's allies to increase their military spending to prevent the rise of a "global extremist Islamic empire."

He also urged the world to work for a "diplomatic solution" to halt Iran's nuclear program.

"The Iranian regime is today the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism," he said in prepared remarks. "The world does not want, and must work together to prevent, a nuclear Iran."

Rumsfeld was in Munich to address a defense conference focused on the relationship between America and its European allies.

Full AP-Yahoo News story.

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