Thursday, February 09, 2006


AP: Obama & McCain chummy at Rules Committee hearing after spat

By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer -- Thursday, 15 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Two leaders in current efforts to reduce special interest influence on Congress once again appeared to be fighting on the same side Wednesday, two days after an unusually fiery falling out.

Obama with McCain, rightSens. John McCain, right, R-Ariz., and Barack Obama, 2nd right, D-Ill., testified together at a Senate hearing on lobbying and ethics overhaul. With a pat on the back and an exchange of compliments, they publicly put in the past an angry letter from McCain charging that Obama was more interested in scoring political points than in working together on the ethics issue.  When Obama walked into the hearing room, he put his arm on McCain's shoulder and posed for photographers.

"I'm particularly pleased to be sharing this panel with my pen pal, John McCain, and look forward to working with him," Obama said at the Senate Rules Committee hearing.

McCain told the committee that he and Obama "are moving on and are continuing to work together and I value his input."

Full AP-Yahoo News story.  D.H.: Two days ago, DemLog blogged a Chicago Tribune story summarizing the flareup between the two.  McCain had invited Obama to a confidential bi-partisan meeting in McCain's office on lobbying reform.  After the meeting, Obama wrote McCain saying he preferred a Democratic proposal over McCain's bipartisan proposal.  McCain, who was attending a conference in Europe at the time of Obama's letter, wrote a public letter on his return rebuking Obama as a freshman senator for allegedly using the reform issue for "posturing."  Obama politely responded that he had no idea what set McCain off.

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