Thursday, January 05, 2006


Spier: Democrats Should Bookmark This Blogspot: Unclaimed Territory

By Bill Spier, left

An often astute writer in the blogosphere is Glenn Greenwald. Mr. Greenwald, a first amendment specialist and litigator, resides in New York City, my home too. His blogspot is called Unclaimed Territory. I think all his posts from this week are must reads, but especially the one called Attacking Bush's Only Weapon-Fear.

As a result of the airing of NSA violations, both Cheney and Bush took to the pulpit pushing their agenda of total power to the president. Their message was fear: fear of Islamic domination of the world and fear of Al Qaida's murderous capabilities. The message ends with -- the president will protect you if granted unlimited powers to do so.

Before we are all forced to goosestep in front of Bush/Cheney uber alles, democrats had better counter the irrational fears too many people have. Greenwald says we cannot let them get away with this any longer. We have become a nation of pitiful cowards.

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The only thing we have to fear is BUSH himself.
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