Monday, January 30, 2006


SNN: Georgia church supports selective freedom

Ecknuramus, Ga. - The First Baptist Church of Eknuramus announced today its campaign to extend religious freedom to those "holding right beliefs," Pastor E. K. Bodcrain announced today.
Religious Freedom for Right Beliefs
"That's the way our Founding Fathers believed, and if it's good enough for Paul Revere and Daniel Webster, it's good enough for me," Bodcrain said, standing next to his church sign, left.
Answering a letter to the editor in the Ecknuramus Gossiper accusing EFBC of being narrow minded, Bodcrain said, "Them's nothing but liberals.  They also think criminals have rights.  We can't have that.  We need to go back to the way it was when the constitution was adopted, when you had to be a good Christian to even vote, or a least a conservative Jew or Catholic, much less hold office," Bodcrain continued.
"And if some liberal takes this to court, we just need to abolish those kinds of liberal courts," Bodcrain said.  He also said those who accused him of not paying his child support were "just stirring up strife in the church.  People like that need to be thrown in jail or run out of town."
Source:  Spufe News Network
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