Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Slate-Papers: W.H. frets over Bush isolation

Bush getting quizzedAmong the news items covered by Slate Magazine's Today's Papers column today is this note on the White House's attempts to expose President Bush, right, to "unscripted" contact with real people:
All the papers mention that, as in previous events in the last month, President Bush was relaxed and got a couple of laughs as he accepted unscripted questions from the audience in what the WP calls an effort to "rebut charges that he lives in a White House bubble". He was caught most off guard when a student confronted him on cuts in student loans. The most uncomfortable moment though, and one that all the papers mention, seems to have been when a student tried to call to Bush's rancher past and asked him for his opinion on Brokeback Mountain. Not surprisingly, the president said he hadn't seen the movie, although he acknowledged that he has "heard about it."

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