Friday, January 13, 2006


DH: Right-wing rag tries to tie Murtha to 1980 AbScam controversy

by Dave Haigler

Cybercast News Service is a right-wing rag that is very upset over the publicity Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha, below right, is getting over his recently-announced opposition to the Iraq war.

Cong. MurthaIn an underhanded slam reminiscent of the so-called "Vietnam Veterans for Truth" who smeared John Kerry's war commendations, this pitiful rag is saying it's so unfair that the current media story of Murtha breaking ranks with the administration and his longtime support of military policy is "overshadowing" his ethically questionable status as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the 1980 AbScam controversy.

The group's webpage offers a grainy video of two unrecognizable persons, with no audio, but subtitles with one allegedly saying he has gotten $50,000 in cash, and the other, supposedly Murtha, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested...." The rag claims Murtha did not decline a bribe offer unequivocally enough.

Source: Cybercast News Service. Thanks for contributor John Pettit for bringing this sleazy story to my attention.

Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
lawfirm webpage: www.haigler.info
political blog: http://demlog.blogspot.com

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