Monday, January 30, 2006


DH: Radnofsky does whirlwind tour of Abilene - Jan. 30

Abilene -- U.S. Senate Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky of Houston attended a TDW breakfast and press conference at MCM Elegante Suites, an interview with the Abilene Reporter News community editorial board, and a send-off stop at Dr. Virginia Connally's house before leaving Abilene for an evening event in Hurst, Tx, tonight.
Radnofsky spoke passionately of her commitment to women, children and veterans at the breakfast hosted by Texas Democratic Women - Big Country Chapter.  President Anna Vedro welcomed Barbara, her aide Seth Davidson and Newsweek contributing editor accompanying her, Melinda Henneberger, who is writing a book about women in politics. 
The press conference was attended by ARN reporter Sarah Kleiner and KTAB News reporter Lisa Acquafredda.  Radnofsky told them she would not have voted for Judge Sam Alito because he has a secret agenda and has not shown convincing proof he could be impartial.  She said the war in Iraq was flawed in its initiation, and the military leaders are not being listened to about a good plan for withdrawal.  She said her views on abortion were that we should "target zero abortions," but not by making them illegal, and that she has the endorsement of pro-choice groups, but that pro-lifers need to be welcomed into the Democratic Party as well.  She said we need to expand health care insurance, especially for veterans and children. 
Radnofsky with Connally on porchAfter the ARN editorial board gave her an hour and a half interview and she was pressed to make her 5:30 meeting in the D-FW area, Radnofsky nevertheless made time to drop by Dr. Virginia Connally's house to thank her for her early support.  Radnofsky is shown here, right, standing with Dr. Connally on her front porch, in a spot -- Virginia says -- where LBJ, Speaker Sam and some governors once stood.  (Click on picture to enlarge.)  Virginia's late husband, J.E. Connally, was once State Chair of the Democratic Party.
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