Tuesday, January 17, 2006


DH: Dems out in force for MLK events

Abilene, Jan. 17 - Democrats were seen at multiple events yesterday as the city celebrated MLK Day.

MLK marchers-AbileneThe afternoon MLK march saw all races, right, walking for justice along Abilene's E. Hwy 80 across MLK bridge and back. (Click on all pictures to enlarge.)

Rickettses visit Dem HQRobert Ricketts, center left, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress District 19, his campaign manager and Lubbock Democratic County Chair Johnnie Jones, right of picture, the candidate's wife, Quepha Ricketts, second left, Democratic Club president Roger Spier, left, Alice Spier, Allen Glenn, John Pettit and Dave Haigler (not pictured) met at the Democratic Party HQ to discuss campaign strategy and an upcoming fundraiser for Ricketts in February.

Haileys at MLK banquetState Rep. Dist. 71 candidate Mel Hailey, right, and his wife Jan, left of picture, sponsored a table and were surrounded by friends.

Outgoing State Rep. Dist. 71 Bob Hunter and his wife Shirley were seen sitting at the Petty Hunter table with leading Democrats David Cory, Col. Dave Bach and former Stenholm office manager Libby Connally. County Chair Dave Haigler gave Dr. Bob a hug and jokingly warned him about being surrounded by Democratic spies. Hunter's quipped in reply, "They flock to me."

The M.C. for the evening was Paul Serrell, a right-wing Republican local radio talk-show host, in the mold of Allen Keyes, on talk-radio station KSLI. Serrell recognized Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer without mentioning that his Democratic opponent was also in attendance. Robert Ricketts & his wife Rickettses & Gulletts at MLK Dem tableQuepha, left, were seated at the Democratic Party table next to Dr. John & Marilyn Gullett, right of picture. Dr. Roger Spier dared Ricketts to go greet Neugebauer, but Ricketts quipped, "There are enough trouble-makers at this table already." The Democratic Party table was adjacent to that of the Reporter News table. Editor Terri Burke came over to greet her friends, the Rickettses, the Gulletts & Dave Haigler. Haigler quipped to her, "I'm sure you're now going to go over and give Randy equal time." Burke said, "Yes, if I have time, after dessert." She never made it.

The keynote speaker for the banquet was Farrah Gray, a 21 year old Black entrepreneur famed for being a millionnaire by age 14, who spoke on living his dream, a dream of getting rich. Gray said he had been invited to the White House last night, but preferred to be in Abilene. Gray's story was that he started out selling things like painted rocks in and around his Chicago Southside neighborhood, and progressed to businesses in Las Vegas and Wall Street, majoring in promotional materials and motivational Farrah Gray gives autograph to Ray Twiggsspeaking. Gray is seen at right giving an autograph to Ray Twiggs, an Abilene businessman retired from Innovative Communications Construction Co., which specializes in security equipment. Twiggs, a Democrat, retired back to Abilene to take care of his ailing mother.

Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
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