Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Barhorst: Southern Refugee Belt

By Terry Barhorst

With everything that is going on in politics a subject that should be vital is being left to rot on the garbage pile created by the present administration's initiatives and actions. The Bush administration is creating classic refugee camps in the United States.

Some of the classic "temporary" refugee camps in other parts of the world are now up to fifty and sixty years old. Those camps are plagued with crime and they are schools of violence. This is what can and will happen if the Bush administration continues its attitude of benign neglect for those displaced by the hurricanes along the southern coast of this country.

Displaced people survive. Survival can become their only imperative. When the roots and security of "home" disappear and jobs are non-existent, the areas of choice can narrow to the point where crime becomes the only available choice and hatred of the political system becomes an everyday emotion.

Today, much is being said about the corruption in the congress and even the White House. Lobbyists of corporations sit in their posh offices and watch the sacrificial goats go to court. Politicians scamper to "give to charity" corporation money they should not have taken in the first place. Such issues are becoming the linchpins of future campaigns.

This is wrong.

What should be the premiere plank in every politician's platform is people. The citizens who built and could continue building this country--if given the chance and a decent living and a real home--not corporations. Watch the news closely. The corporations only make the rich richer. Their profits are their "bottom line" reality, not a family living in a trailer or motel room with no prospects of ever having the "American Dream."

I wonder if any politican would have the guts to say that the southern refugee belt of the United States is a travesty that drops us closer to "third world" status. That corporations must spend some of their bloated profits and executive salaries and perks to bring jobs to the refugee belt. That low interest, home building loans must be made by these same corporations as investments in the American people they are milking for their profits. That would be a real "trickle down" ecpnomy.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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