Monday, January 23, 2006


Barhorst: Money v. Liberty and freedom.

By Terry Barhorst, left

I’m going to tack on a bit of ranting that dovetails with Bill’s prior piece, "Spier: Stop Being a Nation of Cowards."

Speech, as in being heard and judged by the greatest number of citizens possible, is no longer the law of the land.

Neither is speech free.

Neither is speech equal.

No matter how correct, wise, and truthful the speaker is, that person can be drowned out by the court appointed free speech of the 21st century--money.

The Bush administration says “We are protecting you by keeping terrorism out of this country. Therefore, you should support our activities and actions even if they appear to take away your privacy and rights under the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.” These are the same politicians and political appointees who cannot stop a hundred thousand or more of “illegal immigrants” and over a million tons of narcotics from coming across our borders.

Do some citizens truly believe the Bush administration’s precautions can stop another group of the size, or even larger than, the 9/11 terrorists? Couldn’t these same illegals go to a Texas gun show and buy firearms without background checks.

How can the Republicans brag on the twin problems of economy and medical care when automobile assembly plants are moving out of the country. Not moving out because of manufacturing worker’s salaries, but because of the other countries have medical care that is cheaper, and when broken down to a per capita basis, better than the medical care available here in the USA. While at the same time costing corporations less.

Yes, we can still speak freely without the worry of being arrested. However, Most of the truth and answers spoken are buried under piles of cash or ignored because of the lack of the exposure money can provide.

Our Republican Governor has a paid ad on Television that is repetitive and misleading. Why? Not because he is wise or telling the truth. It is because he is bought and paid for by interests controlling most of the money in Texas.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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