Friday, January 20, 2006


Barhorst: Guns and schools

By Terry Barhorst

I guess you never think it's going to happen at your children's school or even in your neighborhood. I found out differently today.

An eighth grader and a 19 year old youth were arrested on the grounds of Clint Small Middle School today. That is the school my daughter attends. Both of these people -- you can't call them boys -- had loaded handguns.

It scared the Hell out of me. My wife was at the school for a meeting with the principal about benchmark tests and possibly taking BJ out of public school just after the arrests took place, so I was doubly shook when I got the news.

I keep thinking about the gun debates and the "No child left behind" arguments I've had with people. Why couldn't I or so many others have any influece over those two dangerous matters?

Terry D. Barhorst.

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