Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Barhorst: Democrats Serve Not Just The Most Affluent

The Republican party has run out of ideas on taxes. It wasn’t very difficult for them to do so as they cater only to the very affluent and not to the American people as a whole. When elected in 2006, the Democrats will easily go beyond the Republicans and shift the burden of taxes back to a point of balance.

The simplest way for the newly elected House members to begin this process would be to return to the majority of Americans the credit-card interest deduction. A deduction that would stir the economy across the whole spectrum of tax payers. At the same time the House members could rescind the Republicans’ gifts to the rich and corporate to balance the national government's tax funds.

Next the Democratically controlled House should create a national usury law. This would, again, place more money into the hands of the broadest spectrum of Americans. Money spent to line the pockets of lenders would instead go into personal savings or buying power--two objectives that would quickly drive the country into a vibrant economy.

Spend-able money and savings money does not dribble downward from the top. These two building blocks of prosperity are directly connected to the discretionary spending and saving of the majority of Americans.

Finally, the Republican submission to the credit-card companies in passing a bankruptcy law that destroys rather than rebuilding a person’s financial abilities should be struck down with the disdain it deserves. There is already enough problems in getting health care and service in other areas of disastrous situations without financial destruction and punishment judged and controlled by financial community more interested in money than human pain.

Lobby money will flow into Washington to stop such laws from growing to fruition like a rampaging river of corruption. The new Democratic House should, and will, dam this money away from the Halls of Congress with the concrete of honesty and steel of belief in the American people.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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