Monday, January 16, 2006


Al Gore Martin Luther King Day address

Former Vice President Al Gore, below right, gave a speech today commemorating one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gore warns of the grave danger that the criminal behavior of George W. Bush presents to the survival of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. A clarion call to action:

"Can it be true that any president really has such powers under our Constitution? If the answer is "yes" then under the theory by which these acts are committed, are there any acts that can on their face be prohibited? If the President has the inherent authority to eavesdrop, imprison citizens on his own declaration, kidnap and torture, then what can't he do?"

The link has the text of the speech and video highlights as well.

Go now: http://rawstory.com/

Anyone who cares about freedom should read this address by Al Gore. When Vice President Gore sounds the alarm, the citizenry should listen
Thanks, Bill. It was a courageous speech, indeed.

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