Sunday, January 08, 2006


ABC Sydney: Terrorism threat worse in wake of Iraq war

Sydney, Australia, Jan. 8 - The Federal Opposition says allegations that terrorists are attempting to recruit members in Australia show the terrorism threat in Australia has worsened.

Authorities are investigating claims Al Qaeda members are operating in Sydney, seeking supporters and donations.

Australia Labor Leader RuddLabor Party's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd, right, says the Prime Minister promised the war in Iraq would stamp out terrorism.

"What we now know is the result of our participation in the invasion of Iraq is that not only has the overall terrorist threat in Iraq increased but on top of that, Al Qaeda has become more mobilised elsewhere in the world with Iraq as it's focus," he said.

"The disturbing new element of this is that we have reports that this is starting to affect Australia's domestic security as well."

Mr Rudd says the Prime Minister's plan for Australia to be involved in the Iraqi war has clearly backfired.

"John Howard told Australia three years ago when he took Australia into the Iraq war that the reason for going into the Iraq war is to reduce the overall terrorist threat to Australia," he said.

"Three years later we find that the reverse has happened and not only has the terrorist threat not reduced, it has increased as far as Australia is concerned."

Source: ABC-Sydney.

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