Friday, December 16, 2005


Van Os: Abbott's reaction to redistricting appeal is disingenuous

Texas Republican Legal Corruption

by David Van Os

Van Os, right, with Smith & Hightower, left(shown at right, receiving Backbone Award, with Sheril Smith and Jim Hightower, left)

     When he got the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments in the Texas redistricting case, Bushite Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott quickly issued a press release blithely stating that it was "not surprising" for the Supreme Court to hear arguments on the case and that he expects the Court will find the Texas redistricting plan to be "wholly constitutional."

     First of all, every lawyer worth his salt knows that the U.S. Supreme Court only rarely grants review in cases appealed to it. Putting aside the fact that his statement is misleading, one must wonder why Greg Abbott felt it necessary to editorialize at all. Is he perhaps feeling defensive about the role he played as Texas Attorney General in giving his legal blessing to Tom DeLay's power grab?   

     Could he be feeling defensive about the fact that he was not successful in trying to persuade the Supreme Court to summarily affirm the lower court's decision without hearing argument? Or is he perhaps defensive because the professional legal staff in the U.S. Department of Justice concluded that the Texas redistricting was illegal?

     Remember, this is the same Greg Abbott who tried to convince the Texas courts they had no authority to take action over an unconstitutional school finance system. Even the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court had no stomach for that stellar argument.

     A Texas Attorney General who understood that his job was to be the People's Lawyer would have long ago sided with the people rather than with the Republican Party political bosses when it came to Texas redistricting. Greg Abbott may be concerned that Texans will learn the truth about their Attorney General's complicity with the rest of the Republican Party's power-grabbing political hacks in their arrogant pursuit of one-party rule -- and well he should be.

David Van Os
Democratic Candidate
For Texas Attorney General 2006


I say, Hmmmmmm. I am begining to believe there is a Attorney General virus going around, that only infects Republican Attorney Generals--as strange as that seems.

I say "I" because I don't have a professional staff to help me and guide me with facts that would affect my opinions. I have yet to hear, "my Staff advises mem" or "after intense research my staff attorneys and constitutional specialists advise me," from Abbot or Gonzales. They always say "I."

It must be a virus that spreads when you choose your friends in an environment where personal loyalty and party loyalty stand above the law and therefore above the "Rule of Law."

I betcha David Van Os never falls to that that disease, because he has accepted the a honest shot of reality must be taken in all situations.

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