Saturday, December 10, 2005


Spier: Senator Eugene McCarthy dies at 89

Gene McCarthy, left--Minnesota Senator, poet, teacher and the presidential candidate who brought down Lyndon Johnson, died today in Washington at the age of 89. Baby boomers in big numbers rallied around Gene McCarthy in 1968 and helped him win the New Hampshire Democratic primay. Lyndon Johnson soon afterwards announced that he would not run for another term.

Like Ernest Gruening of Alaska, Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee, G. William Fullbright of Arkansas, and Wayne Morse of Oregon, McCarthy went sour on Viet Nam long before most Americans. Unlike the slow-witted opportunists of both parties that inhabit Capital Hill nowadays, these men stood out for their intellectual gifts, unambiguous commitments and gifts of leadership.

-Bill Spier


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Gene McCarthy stepped up when Bobby Kennedy died. Mayor Daley stopped him in Chicago with tactics the would have made Tom DeLay estatic.

That was the sixties and I was young and idealistic. Chicago ended a lot for a lot of people. Now, those leaders who made that idealism so real are all dead.


Thx for posting that.

I've rested today.

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