Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Spier: Senator Cornyn Shills for White House

Senator John Cornyn (R. Texas) said on the “New Hour” last night that there was basically no problem with President Bush committing a felony by ordering intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. Senator Cornyn, wooden dummy speaking words put in his mouth by the White House, believes that the real issue is the impediment the FISA law puts in the way of the president's fight against terrorism. He must think his Texas constituency is still eating up this McCarthyism—for you could just have easily substituted the word communist for terrorist.

Cornyn: “ Well, I know that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was passed in 1978. And certainly there must have been some authority that preceded that act to authorize a president to deal with foreign agents and intelligence gathering to protect Americans here on our own soil. So I really believe that the Constitution provides the president some authority and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is not the exclusive authority. But I think, you know, clearly the first and foremost issue is what do we need to do during a time of war to keep our people safe. And if the president has that authority, then I would expect him to use it. “

Excuse me, Mr. Cornyn, but the Constitution does not give the president authority to break federal laws --even in times of war. THEIR AIN’T NO AUTHORITY, MR. FORMER A.G.. OF TEXAS! The president cannot contravene the Constitution and laws of the country. Doing so is an impeachable offense. President Bush acted in the face of contrary congressional authority. In FISA, Congress expressly addressed the subject of warrantless wiretaps during wartime, and limited them to the first 15 days after war is declared. Congress then went further and made it a crime, punishable by up to five years in jail, to conduct a wiretap without statutory authorization.

(Is this an arrogance of power that pays no attention to the Constitution? Or does and did the regime want to spy on those who have nothing to do with terrorism? Either way Mr. Cornyn, your talk and Bush's actions do not square with the democratic process.)

More from Cornyn:

“I just disagree that Congress could restrict the constitutional power of the commander in chief to do what is necessary in order to protect American lives.” But to suggest that there's some conspiracy here to deprive Americans of their civil liberties when, in fact, this was narrowly applied to agents of al-Qaida operating in the United States and through international telephone calls really strains credibility.”

Excuse me again: Why do we have a tri-partite government with constitutionally mandated checks and balances on each branch if the president can break the law and ignore judicial review when required by law? And, Mr. Cornyn, you know you are lying about the spying just on Al Qaida. This spying on Americans is pervasive and aimed at anyone who disagrees with the administration.

I find it hard to believe that Cornyn is as ignorant as he comes off in the News Hour interview. He is just another piece of right wing junk who curries favor and owes a corrupt White House. A stooge. I suggest that Texans read the entire interview and decide for themselves. It should make make for some real high hair.

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I watched him up against Feinstein. He sounded like a Furby programed by Rove.

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