Friday, December 30, 2005


Spier: Has Cheney Completed His Takeover of the Military?

By Bill Spier

You don't have to be one of those walking around in a tinfoil hat to suspect that Vice President Cheney is really directing the military. From the beginning of the Bush-Cheney administration the defense deputy spots were given to those close to Cheney and Rumsfeld: You know -- Feith, Wurmser, Wolfowitz, England and other bad guys. Figuring out why this is so does not challenge one's intellect too much. The Supreme Court appointed a commander-in-chief in 2000 who was the governor of Texas -- a shopping mall ribbon cutter job if there ever was one. George Bush was not a resident scholar in foreign affairs at UT when tapped for the job, but a failed businessman propped up by his daddy's friends. Once appointed president, he blew off all his daddy's advisors except for Powell (whom he pissed on), and ceded the military to the evil Dick Cheney.

Now comes the revelation in the NYT that "Military Service Chiefs Demoted In Line of Pentagon Succession". The NYT -- which saw nothing wrong in keeping mum about presidential felonies -- buried this article. But it seems that the career brass in the Pentagon have complained too much about its weakening by Rumsfeld, Cheney and their spawns. So what do Cheney & Rumsfeld do? They demote the military to a silent tier on the command structure and move up their civilian appointees. This is an historic precedent. The NYT says: "But this version of the doomsday plan moves up the top three under-secretaries, who are Rumsfeld loyalists and who previously worked for Vice President Dick Cheney when he was defense secretary.

As expected, the Times misses the real danger in all this: "The changes, announced last week, mirror the administration's new emphasis on intelligence gathering versus combat in 21st-century wars." This is nonsense. The military is in real trouble and they are now saying such. Its ranks are further and further demoralized and its veterans neglected by the administration. Cheney & Rumsfeld, however, will brook no dissension, so they pushed the military down the decision ladder. If this was South America, there would be a military coup.

There is more to this story and I will keep my ear to the ground. As of now, young Americans die daily in Iraq and their CEOs, the military chiefs, are not able to support their interests. The meeting room door was slammed shut in their faces.

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