Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Spier: Corporate America Getting Ready to Jettison Bush?

By Bill Spier, right

I thought I would take a week off from forcing Demlogers and other blog bloggers and blogettes from reading my rants on the way to reading real substance from great folks like Dave Haigler. But alas, I spent part of my Christmas Eve pondering an editorial by Thomas Donlin in this past weeks Barrons. I cannot link to the editorial for I don't subscribe to the weekly published by the Wall Street Journal. I steal my neighbor's paper.

And what did this editorial say? It suggested that the House Judiciary Committee investigate the President's abuse of power by using the NSA to spy on Americans. It said that "the willful disregard for the law is an impeachable offense." The corporatist weekly went on to obliquely suggest the possibility of impeachment.

Hold on a sec! Is the Wall Street Journal (Barrons owner), staunch defender of the President day in and day out, now suggesting that it is time to eat corporate America's White House flunkie? It seems this might be so, and this is big news.

It is not Focus on the Family and loons of the right who call the shots in the U.S. It is big corporations, and the WSJ is their house organ. Bush must be scaring the heck out them if the WSJ suggests that Congress pursue an inquiry into violations of the NSA. Actually, most of corporate America could care less if Americans are spied on by the government. However, they do care about capital accumulation and international reactions to U.S political policy and military adventures. Now it looks like the dunces making decisions in Washington might have gone a little too far for this amoral crowd.

I had a talk with a retired doc from West Texas* today. (Somehow he got my NY telephone number and calls me when he goes to feed his horses or shoot off his Brownings.) I think he wears one of those tinfoil hats with antennas. He thinks that Bush and his gang will get a pass like the Gipper and his spawns.

I will try to send radio signals to the Doc's tinfoil hat tonight. At 9:00 P.M. EST they will beam off the Brooklyn Bridge and head straight for West Texas. The message is: Read Barrons.

D.H.: Rumor has it the retired doc Bill refers to is his brother, the one and only Roger Spier, president of the Taylor County Democratic Club. Wonderful that siblings like these still talk to each other after all these years!

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