Saturday, December 24, 2005


Haiglers take 2 days off, visit son

Abilene, Dec. 24 - Dave & Becky Haigler took the past two days off and visited with their son Justin Haigler, 31, of Euless, Texas.

Dave with chainsawThe Haiglers honored a family tradition dating back to ancestors who lived through the depression by engaging in hard labor with their son, by cutting firewood and picking up pecans in their back yard. Dave, left, demonstrated Justin with chainsawproper chainsaw technique.

Justin, right, showed he could master that sucker as well.

Dave fine-tuning the chainsawIt wasn't long before the chainsaw needed fine-tuning, which Dave, left, demonstrated.

Justin fine-tuning the chainsawJustin, right, did some fine-tuning himself.

Dave splitting a logNext it was log-splitting time for Dave, left, now the patriarch of the Haigler clan since the death of his father, D.J. Haigler, in 2001.

Justin with the axeNot to be outdone by the old man, Justin, right, split a few logs as well.

We will not say who broke the axe.

Meanwhile, Becky, below right, cagily supervised these wild men while pretending to be picking up pecans. She had several boxes of pecans Becky picking up pecansto sort Becky sorting pecansas a result of her labors, left.

Another project that needed doing, while all this firewood cutting and splitting was going on, was to burn out some tree stumps that were in the way of the new fence the Haiglers plan to build.

Dave is seen, below Dave burning a stumpright, trying to burn out a stump.

Haiglers at Perini'sAfter all this work, the Haiglers, left, adjourned to Perini's Ranch Steakhouse for some vittles. Although most normal people pay for their kids' meals, especially when they work, the Haiglers had cultivated the feeling of being privileged to work, so Justin paid for the meal.

Dave & Becky with giftsThey then returned home to open some Christmas presents, right.

Justin with presentsJustin, left, did manage to come out with a few things as well.

The next day, the men indulged another family tradition, an intergenerational racketball game.

Justin hitting racketballJustin is seen, right, hitting the ball.

Dave hitting racketballDave, left, despite being 60 years old, was able to hit the ball a few times as well.

We will not say who won, although elderly finesse usually trumps youthful intergenerational hugvigor, and the contest ended with an intergenerational hug, right.

Justin Haigler is audio-visual director for the Gaylord Texan Hotel-Convention Center Resort in Grapevine, Texas.

Dave & Becky's other children are a daughter Rachel, a teacher in Lubbock; a daughter, Carrie, a contractor in Baton Rouge; and a daughter, Kiersten, a nurse in Houston who is moving to San Antonio next week.

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