Tuesday, December 20, 2005


DH: Radnofsky & Ricketts & Van Os need our support

Veteran for Peace Haiglerby Dave Haigler, Taylor County Democratic Party Chair, right, wearing Veteran for Peace hat

I'm asking 10 people to either donate $1,000 each or ask 10 of their friends to donate $100 each, for Barbara Radnofsky for Senate, and Robert Ricketts for U.S. House District 19, and David Van Os for Texas Attorney General. I'm told that $10,000 each is a reasonable goal for us in Abilene.

I asked a friend of mine to do that a month or so ago, and he said he would not donate to Radnofsky until he saw TV ads for her locally. This man is very wealthy, so $10,000 would not even be a drop in the bucket for him, much less $1,000. I told him we would not see any TV ads here for her unless we raised some seed money -- or as the Bible Old Testament calls it, bread upon the waters.

You may not be wealthy, but you understand the concept of seed money like this man did not. We are fighting to reclaim our democracy from the elitists and statists who are taking our liberties away, like wiretapping our telephone conversations and emails to overseas locations without a court order. This, by a president who reportedly told a staff assistant recently when the staffer objected that something was unconstitutional, "the constitution is nothing but a G.D. piece of paper." Source for this quote: Capitol Hill Blue newsletter.

This man just yesterday justified his invasion of Iraq because Saddam Hussein refused to admit his weapons of mass destruction, and in the very next sentence admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction. That sounds like a mind burned by years of alcohol abuse, to me.

We will have to put up with 3 more years of this unless we can regain control of Congress next year. Radnofsky and Ricketts in Washington, and Van Os in Austin, will be a start. We can do our part.

Hutchison & Neugebauer & Abbott will never stand up to the power elites who keep them in office. Hutchison caved in 2004 when they pressured her to do that lying TV commercial saying Neugebauer, not Stenholm, was supporting Dyess AFB. And now we have the absent Neugebauer, and Charlie is lobbying in D.C.

Thanks for standing up for what's right, Abilene Democrats. I don't want to handle any money, but if you will send me checks payable to these candidates, I will make sure they get them.

Dave Haigler, 3925 N 11th St., Abilene, Texas 79603
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