Wednesday, December 28, 2005


DH: Hailey files for state representative

Abilene, Dec. 28 - Abilene Christian University political science professor Dr. Mel Hailey today filed for Texas District 71 State Representative, he announced today at Democratic Party headquarters in Abilene, surrounded by family and friends.
Hailey, grandchildren & friendsHailey, left center, standing behind his grandchildren Benjamin & Natalie Nichols, and flanked by Nolan County Chair Mark Hampton, left, Taylor County Chair Dave Haigler, second right, and Texas Democratic Party field director Bill Brannon, right, explained why he is running for state representative.  "We can do better," Hailey said, quoting the Texas Constitution's mandate for a free public education for all children.  "The current leadership in Austin has failed us," Hailey said, pointing out that their redistricting placed Nolan County in with Taylor County, without their realizing the consequences.  "Nolan County will carry this district for us," Hailey said.
Hailey said his filing papers had been received at state party headquarters in Austin today.  "We are doing well with fund raising so far," Hailey said.
"I am not in this race to make a respectable showing for the Democrats," Hailey said.  "I'm in this race to win.  We are going to remind people who are old-time Democrats why they used to vote Democratic.  The way surrounding counties helped out with the fires in Cross Plains is a good example of West Texas values," Hailey said.  "Government is not the enemy.  The current leadership treats government as they enemy, but they are using it to gain power over us." 
Dave Haigler, Abilene, Texas
lawfirm webpage: www.haigler.info
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