Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Barhorst: Unchecked intelligence agencies will find whatever the president wants

By Terry Barhorst, right

I just finished listening to my umpteenth retired intelligence person expounding about Bush’s latest episode of law breaking. The line, “Our President is protecting the people of the United States,” is getting old. I’m also tired of the fact that they all appear to believe we are all slightly naïve and very ignorant.

Hearing that the intelligence “must have the freedom to find our enemies anywhere they might be, by the use of our best technology,” makes me rather nauseous. I am so sick of the whole tyrannical thing, I’m not even going into the arguments that you can hear on every news and political television channel, radio frequency, and editorial page. I’m going to use some of my naiveté and ignorance to make one of my round-the-corner statements of fact.

In my opinion intelligence people are paid to find things bad that we have to be protected from and people who might be doing such things. When you get pay and promotions for doing such, you damn well do it. NSA, FBI, and CIA, they are all in the same business. After 9/11 they especially had to “make good.”

Not only did they “make good” they convinced other country’s Intelligence people and were convinced by the intelligence people of those people from other countries, in turn, to report that there were “Weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, and that Saddam had an atomic bomb in the making. This was just the kind of intelligence that would get them raises and promotions from Bush and his ruling cabal.

Over the last year, even Bush has finally admitted that the “intelligence was bad.” However, he is putting these same intelligence people in a position to find “terrorists” in the United States by tapping into the communications of both citizens of the United States and legal visitors to our country.

Empirically, using the circumstances and results of past history, these intelligence people will find “terrorists." They not only have the impetus of pay and promotions, they have their “Commander in Chief” in need of a “point made” that some think may compensate for laws ignored.

Though many think we are closing or have closed the barn doors, there are always rats about. These rats are both large and small, and they are ready to take advantage of every crack and bit of hostility warp in our 218 year old “Rule of Law,” Constitution and governmental checks and balances.

The path of these actions is a descending spiral with one party, tyrannical rule at the bottom of every political action taken by those in power these past few years and right now. We don’t need a “Leader” to “Protect the American People” as much as a President that listens to the people, not the crackle of money or the Siren song of power. War makes people dead. Any President making war should be dead right in doing so, and, only as a last resort.

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.
Moderator: Lone Star Democrats

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