Sunday, December 25, 2005


Barhorst: Message to Chairman Dean

By Terry Barhorst, left

We can achieve a “victory” in Iraq. It may be on a par with the “victory” in Vietnam or the “Mission Accomplished” PR stunt on the aircraft carrier, but it will be a declared “victory” with every spin that can buttress it in evidence.

Whatever the Bush administration declares, a descriptive word or two will easily clarify the situation, just as it would have made your words on no “victory” beyond criticism. It’s very simple. When the Iraq war ends and our military come home, it can be declared a kind of victory. However, whatever is done in Iraq, it cannot be a victory that is even the beginning of the end of international terrorism. Therefore, you could call it a hollow victory or a parochial victory. There is even evidence that it could be called a "victory" with more loss than gain in the war or terrorism.

Victory is such a pointless word, unless it has a set of descriptive words to qualify its accomplishment of the tasking that lead to its use.

Terry D. Barhorst

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