Friday, December 09, 2005


Barhorst: Friday Morning Musings.

A few days ago AP, LA times, Washington Post, etc. were all stating the “Conspiracy charge against Tom Delay has been thrown out” They then would say, “the money laundering charge still stands.”

I was hollering my head off that this was misleading. That two charges, conspiracy and money laundering , were still in place.

Yesterday, DeLay’s Lawyers asked that the two remaining charges be split.

Suddenly, the media has caught on that it was the “conspiracy to break Texas election laws” that was thrown out and not the “conspiracy to launder money” charge that stands with the “money laundering“ charge.

* * *
Last night, Karen Hughes and Charlie Rose played soft ball and compliments. You would have to believe that Bush walked on water to accept all the praise they heaped on him. I guess Charlie is afraid he will get the same treatment as Moyers and some producers if the rightwing nuts see him as too liberal to be supported by “their tax money.”

* * *
On the local news programs the TXDOT representatives sounded like employees of FEMA when explaining why the “ready to go” sand trucks were so late in starting they got stuck in traffic caused by the ice on Interstate 35 . 800 ice related traffic accidents later they were still trying to explain—shades of Katrina!

Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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