Wednesday, November 02, 2005


2006 Campaign Started November 1, 2005

by Bill Spier

Like many other liberals, I am not real optimisitic that Senator Reid's invocation of Rule 21 will pry much out Robert's committee. Though, all the pig wailing from Roberts, Lott and Frist was a treat I did not expect when I put my pants on yesterday morning. Truthfully, the only reports issued out of Robert's committee were lies and a set up to blame everything on the CIA. The ranking committee minority, Jay Rockefeller, is not a combative or particulary bright Democrat; and he is harldy the one to duke it out with Roberts on Phase II. Therefore, Reid and Durbin needed to unveil Senate Republican duplicty in the whole matter of the cover up. By invoking Rule 21, Reid and Democratic leaders signaled a weakened Republican majority that Democrats can and will go on the offensive--and wage war on more than one front. While public attention stays focused on the Iraq debacle and White House crimes leading to the bloodletting, Reid put the Republicans on notice that the Democrats are not going to cower in front of the nuclear option threat when Alito's nomination is debated.

November 1, 2005 was the day the Democrats began the 2006 campaign.

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