Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Reuters: CBS sacks Heyward over Bush Guard memos - Oct. 26

Former president of CBS News Andrew Heyward is seen, right, in this file photo.

CBS News today named Sean McManus, head of CBS Sports, as its news chief, replacing Heyward, whose tenure was marred by controversy over a discredited report on President Bush.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson.

Reliable sources said today Heyward's resignation comes under the impending pressures of revelations within the Mary Mapes book coming out Nov. 8, and reported documentation that Heyward had invoked his role as senior executive producer in making all decisions including the offering of a deal to its primary source, Texas Air National Guard LTC Bill Burkett (ret'd); preliminary discussions with the NY Times to partner on the story; directing the staff including producer Mapes and anchor Dan Rather to combine a story on former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, related to getting George W. Bush into the Guard, and the "memos" story and "crashing" them in order to deconflict a scheduling situation with a Dr. Phil special; approval of the strategy for a White House interview including benching Dan Rather in favor of John Roberts; personal approval of the story after editing and approval for final airing, etc. None of these details reportedly were told the VIACOM panel which claimed to have fully investigated the CBS memos story. Heyward further reportedly signed alongside Betsy West, Josh Howard and Mary Mapes a statement prior to the September 8, 2004, airing of the CBS memos expose that they felt all journalistic principles had been met.
Heyward was also alleged to have personally directed the enticement and sacrifice of LTC Burkett, to use him as an initial fall guy in order to extract CBS from the embarrassment of the story and pressures from the White House, when Burkett's claimed source, Lucy Ramirez of Houston, could not be located. In fact, Mapes's book reveal the intimate details of supposed "wars" between Mapes and Heyward about the later September 20 newscast and apology by Rather which had been obtained under the pretense that Burkett had misled CBS about the authenticity of the memos.
All of this and more are reportedly part of the new Mapes book scheduled for release November 8, 2005.

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