Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Haigler: Ricketts meets with Abilene Dems - Oct. 19

Robert RickettsAbilene - Texas Tech taxation professor Robert Ricketts, left, met with Abilene Democrats today over lunch at Enrique's Restaurant to discuss his candidacy for the 19th Congressional District.

The meeting was hosted by Abilene lawyer Bob Hanna, and chaired by Dr. Roger Spier, Democratic Club President. Ricketts was welcomed by County Chair Dave Haigler.

Dr. Ricketts discussed with the group the current status of Tech sports; and I suppose nobody wants a congressman who does not know about football. He was introduced by Roger as the Frank M. Burke Chair in Taxation, Director, Accounting Programs, Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech.

Robert, a Garland native who's been married 21 years and at Tech for 18, explained he had gotten the blessing to run from his university supervisor, who is a Republican.

Questioned by Dr. Tom Kim, Robert said his main theme would be "sensible government." An example he gave was to cure social security's problems by increasing the cap and lowering the rate, which would help everyone except those making over $100,000 a year and they wouldn't feel it.

He said his position on the Iraq war was to bring it to an honorable end, by relying on military expertise, not to pull out precipitously.

Allen Glenn, club v.p. and an attorney, said afterwards, "I think we have a horse, a candidate with real potential."

Marla Banks, a precinct chair and professor at McMurry University, said her impression was he'd make an intelligent candidate. She was impressed he had thought a lot about the issues. "When he has a position, it's solid," she said, "and when he doesn't, he's researching it." She liked the fact he is not flamboyant. She liked his theme "sensible government." He will not be emotionally entangled, she said, and not put on the defensive. "He is calm, cool & collected, an imposing opponent for Neugebauer."

Anna Vedro, president of Texas Democratic Women, and a retired AISD administrator, said she liked his theme, "sensible government." She said, "He knows his numbers and how a budget works, and we need that." And she liked his joke about "prairie dog Democrats."

John Pettit, a community activist, said he was positively impressed with the fact that when Ricketts knows something, it's solid, but when he doesn't, he admits that. "He's very open, and has not formulated all his positions, and that is good," Pettit said. He is a very serious, very formidable candidate, Pettit said. "He has the expertise a congressman needs, and he has an openness and willingness to listen."

Other Democrats in attendance were Royse Kerr, club past president and a political consultant; Dr. Julian Bridges, retired HSU sociology professor; and Margaret Ghant-Suggs, a precinct chair and community activist. The group meeting with Ricketts is seen, below right, (l-r) Vedro, Spier, Glenn, Suggs, Kim, Bridges, Pettit, Banks & Ricketts.

Abilene Democrats interviewing RickettsRicketts said his only hesitancy in running is being available to his 13 year old daughter. He said he will not be focusing on this campaign until after Nov. 12, because of prior commitments to the Radnofsky for Senate campaign, and will announce formally on the first day of filing, Dec. 3, 2005.

Submitted by Dave Haigler
Abilene, Texas
published at http://demlog.blogspot.com

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