Friday, October 28, 2005


Burkett: Libby indictment will pierce the circled Bush wagons

By Bill Burkett, right
About a week ago, the LA Times did a story about Plamegate that I said was mainlined from the Whtie House.  This story was leaked and almost written by Dan Bartlett after Rove was served with a target letter by Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald.  The story was the Bush attempt to make Libby the fall guy and distance the President from the whole affair.  Since last Friday, Rove's lawyers have met with Fitzgerald or his staff on numerous occasions and Karl has been very "willing to talk". 
Karl isn't as tough as he'd like everyone to believe, and he's certainly not above doing whatever it takes to save his own skin.
The indictment of Libby today can do something, though.  In a plea bargain, it might be nice if Libby now decided to protect himself.  The sooner he understands that Rove, Bartlett and the Texas Bush Team will circle their own wagons independent of all others, the better.

Bill, you're right about this. I think Rove has been let to "twist in the wind" by Fitzgerald while the prosecutor puts the screws on Libby. Libby was an obvious piece of low hanging fruit for at least one indictment. There are more charges Fitzgerald can pile on Libby. Now that the press is finally interested in why we went to war, Fitzgerald can work relentlessly while they provide him some political cover and support.

Read James Moore today on the Huffington Blog. Crimes are crimes, and a crime fighter like Fitzgerald bears that mantra well.
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