Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Barhorst: The Pennsylvania "Monkey Trial"

Somebody want to volunteer to intellectually connect the text below to the Right Wing Christian version of creation. They seem to have thrown over the side the mystical of the original Jewish tradition and Torah.

It’s all in the interpretation, folks. The Right Wing Protestant Christians don’t really want the creation in the ancient Hebrew actuality; they want it in the tent revival tradition. The Roman Catholics have the good sense and honor enough to teach their version in their own schools and aren’t trying to force it on parents and children in the public schools and not of their belief system.

The following is a quote from the textbook “World Religions” ISBN 0-87196-129-6

“The origins of Jewish mysticism may be seen in those areas of biblical literature which lend themselves in particular to imaginative elaboration, and which, from early rabbinic times, were accorded a special place in the study of Torah, namely the first chapter of Genesis and the first chapter of Ezekiel - the creation and the chariot. The mystery of creation, which is founded basically on the problem of how a transcendent incorporeal God can create a temporal physical world, gradually resolved itself into the construction of a system of divine emanation, much influenced by Neo-Platonic ideas, by which the world emerges through successive stages, each one further removed from the godhead. These stages or spheres (sefirot) were also accorded the status of divine attributes. “

I guess Pennsylvania “Monkey Trial” is what happens when a mob tries to force the mystical to be accepted as the literal to satisfy their demagogues.

Leave science to the scientists and mystical to those of religious faith.

Are you listening in that Pennsylvania court?

There are well over a thousand religious creation explanations based on faith. Like the Ten Commandments, if you let one into the rotunda of a courthouse or a school classroom, constitutionally you must let all into the rotunda of a courthouse or a school classroom. Things are going to get awfully crowded and very confusing. Especially for the children

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