Friday, September 09, 2005


Barhorst: It's not allowed to impinge on George Bush's feel good cosmos

George Bush said today that the United States was ready to "overcome any challenge," and "America is a strong and resilient nation."

The problem is the misery and death factor that Bush ignores totally. Help is not just declarations and money. Overcoming isn't reactive, it is proactive. Challenges are to be met at the time of the challenge, not when it is convenient politically or a vacation is over. The young and the mature are "strong and resilient," not the very old and very young. You can rebuild anything if you throw enough money at it, but you cannot bring a single soul back from a ravaged body floating down a street.

One thing that Bush did not mention is that he and his cronies have turned this country into a money-divided nation and all for the “bottom line” dollar. If he had bothered to take interest in the Gulf Coast before Katrina struck, he may have noticed the snail-paced, bumper to bumper traffic leaving the coast using gasoline that was already over $2.00 a gallon -- in cars that have an average monthly cost of four hundred dollars.

Though I doubt it, Bush might have realized that there were a great many families on the Gulf Coast who lived from month to month on less than six hundred dollars. Bush might have realized that there were very few busses in the long traffic jam. Bush might have realized that there were people walking the shoulders of the highways, and the city and state needed help.

It's a shame the realities of the United States being struck by a hurricane had to impinge on his hard-won, 5-week vacation

-Terry D. Barhorst Sr.

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