Saturday, September 10, 2005


Abilene Democrats host "No Nonsense" organizer

Abilene, Sept. 10 - Taylor County Democratic Headquarters was the venue last night for an organizing meeting of the No Nonsense in November PAC, with Matt Glazerfield associate Matt Glazer, left, of San Antonio as the speaker. Royse Kerr, past president of the Democratic Club, introduced the speaker. Democratic County Chair Dave Haigler welcomed all guests, including some independents and Libertarians, such as Libertarian County Chair Steve Kirby, below right, and his wife.Steve Kirby

Glazer said this campaign is not about gay rights, it's about keeping discrimination out of the constitution. "The so-called 'marriage-protection act' is already the law in Texas," Glazer said, and so the proposed amendment would have no effect other than to place discriminatory terms in the Texas Constitution.

Rev. Thomas SquiersRev. Thomas Squiers of Church of All Saints, left, said people should be allowed to marry whomever they want.

About 15 people attended this organizing meeting at the Democratic Party Headquarters at 453 Pine Street in Abilene.

Veteran for Peace HaiglerDave Haigler, right, a lawyer, said, "I don't like resting our argument against this solely on constitutional terms. I don't have to approve of alternate lifestyles to favor equal rights for all. This is not about whether we favor gay marriage or not. This is about whether people in unusual living arrangements, like two elderly spinsters, will be able to hold and dispose of property and make decisions about their medical care just like any other free American."

"We are not wasting time trying to persuade people who feel gay marriage threatens heterosexual marriage," Glazer said.

Haigler agreed, saying, "Heterosexuals are placing their own marriages in jeopardy in large numbers without any help from the few gays who might want to get married."

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