Sunday, August 14, 2005


Tarasoff: Crowds grow at Camp Casey

Cindy Sheehan speaks to crowdBy Sally Tarasoff - http://kitchenworks.blogspot.com/
We drove up to Crawford for the second time Saturday, just to lend our support to Cindy Sheehan, shown at left speaking to the crowd. There was a large crowd of folks, numbering in the hundreds. There was a smaller crowd of anti protesters, although it was hard to figure out what they were anti about. They bristled with flag strewn shirts, do-rags, and angry expressions. The anti people held a rally near the stadium, and had signs stating "american zone" like those of us who have not drunk the koolaid are traitors and worse. At Camp Casey some anti people, a handful, held signs saying, "don't be Michael Moore's puppets; stay the course; if we don't fight them over there..."

For both of us our experience at Camp Casey was a very moving experience. The lives that have been lost for this war of lies and deceit, is part of a tragedy that it is overwhelming. Standing and looking at the line of crosses is heartbreaking. So many parents gave their treasure, their children, in this war of lies. Then you see Cindy and the other Gold Star mothers and wonder how they can be so strong after such a loss. God bless Cindy, the mouse that roared!
Source: Kitchenworks blog.

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