Thursday, July 07, 2005


AP: Deaths in London blasts

LONDON: Several fatalities were reported after multiple explosions rocked central London on Thursday, bringing the entire underground network to a standstill.

Tube passengersInjured tube passengers, right, are escorted away from Edgware Road Tube Station in London following an explosion. (AP Photo)

In central London, an explosion ripped through a bus just minutes after an earlier blast rocked the underground.

"We are at Tavistock place and we have had a bus explode just outside the building," said an official for the London Transport Police, adding that his offices were close to Russell Square.

A second explosion was later heard at Tavistock Square.

Citing unconfirmed reports, LBC News radio said seven people were killed in the blast at London's Aldgate underground station.

Full Channel News story.

The terrorists sure are clever. What smart people to hurt and kill men, women, and even CHILDREN in the recent London bomb blasts. Now, world citizens will surely say, “Okay, we give up, come control our lives with your ideologies.” Right? The problem with the leadership at al-Qaeda is that they haven’t figured out that people have no love for killers. Their point of view will only attract the very young and impressionable or the very old and desperate. They miss the largest demographic- law abiding citizens who want peace. If it’s the masses a group wants to affect, do something absolutely worthwhile and positive with the resources. Win hearts. The world may be talking about al-Qaeda , but it’s not in love with it and the goods it’s selling. Without winning hearts, the change al-Qaeda hopes for will always be shallow.
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