Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Spier: ARN fair & balanced

In response to the recent letter [to the Abilene Reporter News editor] by Jimmie Pickens criticizing the editorial policy of the paper and Ms. [Terri] Burke [editor] in particular I offer the following:

Dr. SpierA review of the many letters published by our local newspaper over the past few years reveals that the opinions published run the gamut from the very conservative to the most progressive and with no particular bias by the paper. The fact that Mr. Pickens' letters as well as those of the more ''progressive'' members of our community appear with the same frequency supports this assertion. Additionally, syndicated columnists of all persuasions appear in the paper at about the same ratio. Thus we are able to read both ''liberal'' and ''conservative'' opinions daily. In contrast to Fox ''news,'' the Reporter-News bends over backwards to be both fair and balanced. The paper is exemplary in that it publishes international, national, and local news and taken as a source, is an invaluable resource to the citizens of the Big Country.

Roger D. Spier, M.D. [president of Taylor County Democratic Club]

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