Friday, June 10, 2005


PEN: Stop Bolton - June 10

From The People's Email Network
D.H. note:
This group helps you write our congressman and senators on important issues.  Today's issues are stopping Bolton and investigating the "Downing Street Memos," having to do with Bush manipulating intelligence to justify the Iraq war.
My own note to our leaders included this personalized statement:  I realize you value your relationship with President Bush, but a time of reckoning is coming over all the lies told to get us into Iraq, and you will go down in disgrace with him unless you take a principled stand for truth now.
I recommend you use this resource too.  See below.

It is an absolute disgrace that any senator from either party is still considering the nomination of John Bolton. Now we learn that a "menacing" John Bolton illegally forced out a U.N. diplomat who was trying to determine the truth about the non-existence of Iraq's chemical weapons. Whether it's fixing the facts about yellow cake in Niger to steal a U.N. vote, or the way he stopped the recount in Florida without authority, somehow it's always about suppressing or twisting the truth, just as finally revealed by the Downing Street memo.

It may well be that the National Security Agency intercepts being stonewalled from our own Senate contain evidence of criminal behavior by Bolton in spying on people who opposed the administration's agenda. But this yellow cake doesn't need any more icing. The U.N. tribunal involved has already ruled that it was an "unlawful" and "unacceptable violation" of protocol to oust their diplomat, which is exactly what Bolton is NOT, never was and never will be.

It's time for those opposed to Bolton to take responsibility on principle. Tell your senators they have the power to stop this thing by DEMANDING the FILIBUSTER continue, and not to do another shameful compromise on the concealed documents. Tell your senators they must exercise what the power they do have to PROTECT US from Bolton and the next escalation of illegal war he is being sent to provoke.


And if you have not already sent a message to your members of Congress demanding an investigation of the Downing Street memo, make sure you do that as well. Even if you have already signed the Conyers petition at http://www.johnconyers.com, PLEASE ALSO submit the one below. Like all our action forms, this one goes directly to all your individual members of Congress


Take action NOW on this and forward this email everywhere you can and to everybody you can.

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