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Pelosi: House Call - June 9

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Democrats Call on Republicans to Act on Stalled 9/11 Reforms

"It is the unanimous view of the former commissioners that the most glaring failure is the adoption of Congressional reforms."
- Jamie Gorelick, member of the former 9/11 Commission

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, right, said today that nearly six months have passed since the 9/11 Commission's recommendations were released, yet President Bush and the Republican Congress have still not implemented many of its key provisions. The Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to act on critical reforms such as improving the ability of first responders to communicate, establishing a civil liberties board, securing nuclear material and reviewing the Congressional oversight process. With the safety of our country at stake, it is critical that Congress focuses on the threats and dangers the American people face. Congressional Democrats are calling on President Bush and the Republican Congress to quickly complete the unfinished business of the 9/11 Commission and thereby better ensure the safety of the American people.

Watch Democratic Leaders speaking on the 9/11 Reforms.

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Oxymoron of the Week - Republican Job Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed that job growth was a mere 78,000 in May - more than 100,000 fewer jobs than expected and almost 200,000 below the previous month. As if this were not bad enough, manufacturing jobs continue to disappear under this Administration - with more than 2.8 million lost since 2001. And yet Republicans continue to push for policies that favor corporate special interests instead of addressing the concerns of middle-class families. The President has repeatedly said that the economy is strong. But for whom? For Americans who have seen their real wages plummet? For families facing higher and higher health care costs? For workers who are finding themselves unemployed for longer and longer periods of time? For middle-class families who are feeling the squeeze? Republican economic policies favor special interests, at the expense of everyone else.

Read Leader Pelosi's statement.

Democrats want more jobs and less unemployment.

Celebrating the Right to Privacy and Reproductive Freedom

This week marks the 40th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark decision that recognized the constitutional right to privacy and gave women control over their own reproductive health decisions. Over the past 40 years, family planning has prevented unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and drastically reduced the rate of abortion. Despite these successes, family planning services are under attack by President Bush whose misguided policies have reversed years of progress by blocking access to emergency contraception and underfunding critical reproductive health programs. As we celebrate the anniversary of Griswold, we must continue to fight to preserve the right to privacy while promoting a comprehensive approach to reproductive health care, including planning for healthy pregnancies, preventing unintended pregnancies, and providing comprehensive and medically-accurate sexuality education.

Read Leader Pelosi's statement. 

Annual Trade Deficit Continues at Record Levels

Tomorrow, a report will be released regarding the nation's trade deficit - a trade deficit that has soared to more than $665 billion last year under the Bush Administration's policies. This includes a record deficit of $162 billion last year with China, the largest imbalance ever recorded between two countries. The trade numbers so far this year indicate that 2005 will be no different. The Central American Free Trade Act, which the President and his Republican allies are trying to force through Congress, will only make matters worse for American workers. The Bush Administration's policies have placed our economic future in the hands of the foreign countries that are financing our growing deficits. House Democrats are fighting for free and fair trade along with a balanced budget so that we can create new markets for U.S. goods and provide opportunities for America's working families, farmers and small business owners.

Democratic trade policies put American workers first.

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