Friday, June 10, 2005


Haigler & Co. defend Burke

Source: Letter to the editor, Abilene Reporter News:

A June 3rd letter blamed the newspaper for Newsweek's retraction of its Quran-flushing story and CBS backing down on National Guard memos, among other alleged flaws in world media. In fact, these media recanted because the sources changed their stories. Never mind they don't answer to the Reporter-News.

Consider the source: The attacker is an organizer for Sons of Confederate Veterans (April 10), who claims to know whether others understand religious world-views (Feb. 17), who thinks the chair of the Military Affairs Committee should resign for ''partisanship'' in the November election (Dec. 1, 2004), who claimed that, despite the millions that Charlie Stenholm brought to the Dyess mission, ''he has broken faith with the Dyess family'' (Oct. 23), who said Stenholm was ''pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and tax-raising'' and ''gutted the Dyess B-1s'' (Aug. 24), AND he proposed ''a state convention of the KKK'' here in Abilene (July 21).

I am proud of our local news editors and staff. Terri Burke is a great asset to the newspaper, even when I disagree with her. She is unpretentious, candid and transparent. Her staff seek her advice even when she does not impose it - I don't know how she has a private life without her phone ringing. You should attend an afternoon editorial board meeting. The evident professionalism is awesome.

Those who get thoughts from the likes of Limbaugh and O'Reilly will not like Terri Burke. Facts offend some people.

Dave Haigler

HaiglerD.H.:  I am not reprinting this because I wrote it.  Rather, I want to pay tribute to my "editorial committee," mainly Alice Spier and my wife Becky, who clean my stuff up pretty well.  Roger Spier, in his characteristic shyness, said my original draft was "not worth crap," but the ladies polished it up quite nicely.  And, who am I do disagree with Roger?

Seriously, the un-named target of this letter is obviously Jimmy Pickens, who is an idiot who regularly attacks all Democrats.  Or, as Roger so aptly put it, in his own letter to the editor of May 3, "Of late a shrill discourse has arisen in this newspaper pitting Jimmy Pickens, Nathan Tinkle and a host of other self-described Christians against Dave Haigler, the Democratic Party Chairman, specifically, and the progressive community in general. The thrust of these attacks have centered on the issues of abortion, gay rights and the intentions of the founding fathers."  Click on the link in the prior sentence to read Roger's fine letter in its entirety.

At any rate, I am happy to have my name under the letter our friends edited showing just exactly who Democrat-basher Jimmy Pickens is and what he stands for.

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