Monday, June 06, 2005


CT: Evangelicals not all right-wing

A Quirky and Vibrant Mosaic: Evangelicals are admired, mocked, praised, scorned - and all for good reason.
by Philip Yancey posted 06/03/2005

Many Americans view evangelicals as a monolithic voting bloc obsessed with a few moral issues. They miss the vibrancy and enthusiasm, the good-newsness that the word evangelical represents in much of the world. Evangelicals in Africa bring food to prisoners, care for aids orphans, and operate mission schools that train many of that continent's leaders. There, and in Asia and Latin America, evangelicals also manage micro-enterprise loan programs that allow families to buy a sewing machine or a flock of chickens. About a third of the world's 2 billion Christians fall into a category to which the word evangelical applies, a large majority of whom live outside North America and Europe.

Full article in Christianity Today.

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