Tuesday, June 07, 2005


AP: Carter, Close Gitmo - June 7

Former President Jimmy Carter, below right, takes a question during a "Human Rights Defenders on the frontlines of Freedom: Advancing Security and the Rule of Law" conference at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Tuesday, June 7, 2005.

Carter on Tuesday called for the United States to close down its Guantanamo Bay prison in order to demonstrate the country's commitment to protecting human rights.

Photo Source: AP Photo/Ric Feld.

Despite his criticism of Guantanamo Bay, Carter said Amnesty International should not have called the prison "the gulag of our time" in a report last month. President Bush has termed the report by the human-rights group "absurd."

Carter said the alleged abuses at Guantanamo Bay could never compare with the forced labor camps operated by the former Soviet Union.

Story Source: Washington Post.

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