Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Slate's today's papers: A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers


'Bully' for Him By Eric Umansky
Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2005, at 12:43 AM PT

The Los Angeles Times' top non-local spot goes to the State Dept's former intel chief telling senators that U.N.-ambassador nominee John Bolton is a "serial abuser" of underlings and did indeed try to get one analyst fired who had challenged Bolton's ill-supported allegations against Cuba. USA Today leads with and others stuff the indictment of three British nationals for allegedly casing financial buildings on the East Coast four years ago for a potential terrorist strike. The men are currently being held in the U.K., where they're suspected of trying to target Heathrow. The Wall Street Journal's world-wide newsbox goes high with an FDA advisory panel, citing insufficient safety data, voting 5-4 to keep tight restrictions on the sale of silicone breast implants.

The Washington Post leads with federal prosecutors indicting 15 current and former traders at the NYSE for allegedly ripping off their clients by saving the best prices for themselves. The numbers seem piddling—"at least $32 million" in trades—but the Post says what's unusual is the criminal charges themselves. Citing hidden "senior American and Israeli officials," the New York Times leads with Israeli Prime Minister Sharon at the ranch Monday showing President Bush some intel on Iran's nuclear program and trying to convince the president to turn up on the pressure on Teheran. Paraphrasing a U.S. official, the Times dubs the intel "neither startling nor new." And it's the lead story because?

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