Friday, April 22, 2005


Don't Let Them Silence Us


I thought you might want to join me in support of Senator Ted Kennedy's stand against William Myers and the Republican leaders who are trying to seize absolute power by changing the rules of the Senate in order to silence their opposition. Join me in opposing their abusive tactics:


President Bush has nominated Myers for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals -- the nation's largest appellate court, and a potential stepping stone to the Supreme Court. It also has jurisdiction over vast expanses of public land and our magnificent natural resources.

Myers has spent his career trying to dismantle the protections our courts exist to preserve. He was a lobbyist for mining interests, and was later handpicked by President Bush to supposedly regulate the industry. His only experience has been manipulating laws and regulations for corporate gain, against the public interest.

Senator Kennedy and I believe that, on the merits, there is no justification whatsoever for William Myers to be confirmed. Don't let our opposition be silenced.


I join you in opposing these 10 extremist judicial nominees. The Bush Administration has joined with right-wing groups claiming our opposition is against faith and against God. This is a blatant lie.

I was a charter member of the Christian coalition and religious right and religious-liberty law defender back in 1980s, but I switched sides in 2003 based on the lies in the Iraq-invasion buildup, and continue to be a very active evangelical Christian. But I deeply resent how the power elite in the Republican Party has co-opted many sincere pew-sitters.

I am now a Democratic county chair in Taylor County, Texas (Abilene), fighting lies like this and others the Republicans are telling.


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