Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Buzzflash: The Problems with "Nuclear Triggers" Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown -- "conservative judicial activism"

D.H. note: The links given here show detailed examples of judicial activism by these right-wing judicial nominees. Yet, the right wing says they want to get rid of "judicial activists." The unavoidable conclusion is that the right wing just wants the right side to win court cases, regardless of the principles involved.


News from People for the American Way:

Given signs that Senate Majority Leader Frist may use expected filibusters against appeals court nominees Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown as an excuse to trigger the "nuclear option" -- and given the increasing efforts by right-wing activists to portray their records in a flattering light -- PFAW has prepared one-pagers highlighting some of the reasons that Owen and Rogers should not be confirmed to lifetime positions on the federal appeals courts.

The Owen one-pager is here (PDF), the Brown one-pager is here (PDF), and reports on both nominees can be found here.

In addition, People For the American Way has developed a chart -- based on Congressional Research Service data -- listing judicial and executive branch nominees filibustered prior to the current administration. This information is important because Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and the Radical Right continue to falsely assert that there were no filibusters of presidential nominations before the current Bush administration. In fact, there were at least 34. Nearly three-quarters of the total were staged by Republicans in the Senate. You can view the chart here (PDF).

Josh Glasstetter
People For the American Way


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