Sunday, March 27, 2005


USA Today says Schindler-Schiavo dispute was over sharing malpractice money

Yahoo/USA Today

USA Today reports that after a Jan. 2000 court hearing, Florida Circuit Judge George Greer issued an order on Terri Schiavo's case finding:

"On Feb. 14, 1993, this amicable relationship between the parties was severed," Greer wrote. "While the testimony differs on what may or may not have been promised to whom and by whom, it is clear to this court that such severance was predicated upon money and the fact that Mr. Schiavo was unwilling to equally divide his loss of consortium award with Mr. and Mrs. Schindler."

Daniel Grieco, the attorney who handled Michael Schiavo's malpractice case, says his client never promised money to Bob Schindler. He also said Schindler never understood that he wasn't entitled to money under Florida law.

Grieco says the money is at the root of the estrangement. "It was the precipitating factor," Grieco says. "That was the fracture. That was the basis of it."

Note: "loss of consortium" is the legal term for lost intimacy in a marriage relationship when one spouse becomes injured in some way. Michael Schiavo is Terri's husband. The Schindlers are her parents.

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