Sunday, March 20, 2005




Note to Becky Haigler
from Gary Collins, the peace vigil organizer for Abilene:

democrats will be very welcome, as will be republicans. as for myself, i am neither. instead, i vote for the candidate. rather that being a political event, this will instead be a Gospel based event (at least that is how i have tried to structure it).

as for who is sponsoring it, i guess i am, with the blessing of my pastor and the encouragement of my friends and acquaintances (some). as for my faith, i am a Catholic. this might have been held at my church, but this is a relatively non-Catholic area, and my pastor felt that a more neutral location would be better attended. hope that this is on time for your husband to be able to use it in his online newsletter. and i did get the idea from Sojourners. thanks, and God Bless.

gary collins

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