Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Lies & Crimes by Bush

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I think the lies and crimes that Bush has committed far exceed anything any president in recent memory. :(

He lied about Iraq. he appeared on TV Dec. 14, 2003 and said it didn't matter wht the truth was about WMD in Iraq, because Saddam was a bad guy, so trust my judgment. I don't, sorry. :eek:

He lies about tort reform, saying suits against malpractice are driving up the costs of medical care. No, doctors' greed is. Insurance company profits are. :o

He lies about moral reform. He says he's "pro life," but his party has been "opposed to abortion" for 24 years and Roe v. Wade is still the law after 32 years, and he says the "country is not ready to reverse it." Take a hint -- he is doing nothing. He says he wants a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, but admits privately it will not pass. Translation, a bone to the dogs of the religious right to stay faithful to the Repuglicon party. He also protested long and hard internally that he was not comfortable "kicking the gays," but gave in to the pandering. And Cheney's gay daughter worked as a paid staffer for the re-election effort, so you know she was not threatened by their "commitment." :rolleyes:

He is responsible for the prison brutality and deaths in Abu Ghraib, which are war crimes according to the Geneva Convention. He could be tried at Nuremburg II if things go badly in Iraq. And the guy who approved the memos allowing that is now our new US Attorney General, the former Texas Supreme Court justice appointed by Bush as governor who got Bush off jury duty in 1996 and lied about it -- Alberto Gonzales. American success story -- do criminal things for the powerful and advance yourself to the highest levels. :eek:

I was a loyal Republican for over 24 years, but ia saw the light, folks. :mad:

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