Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Faulty Intelligence?

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As for Bush not lying because he just believed faulty intelligence, that is not what the commission found. The intelligence community did not say there were WMD, they said they could not completely rule out WMD, even after UN inspectors had found none, and Bush decided to charge ahead in ignorance, with Condi Rice claiming that Saddam had not proved to her satisfaction that he did not have WMD. If intelligence were faulty, why did GWB give George Tenet the Medal of Freedom?

We've had at least two former cabinet members write their memoirs saying GWB came into office looking for an excuse to get rid of Saddam, regardless of the justification.

And, again, Bush appeared on national TV on Dec. 14, 2003, saying it didn't matter whether he actually had WMD or just wanted to have them, he was a bad guy and deserved to be removed.

GWB is the greatest threat to world peace in at least 100 years. This unprecedented doctrine of preemption has every nation like N. Korea and Iran wanting nukes so they can protect themselves form Bush.

I was a conservative republican for 24 years and switched because of the lies over tort reform, abortion and Iraq. No one can fault me for blindly believing something because of personal loyalty. My positions are based on facts.

The only faulty intelligence causing Bush to make a bad decision on Iraq was in his own head.

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